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  • What is a public adjuster?
    A public adjuster is a licensed professional whose job is to seek the maximum coverage for insurance claims on behalf of the policyholder. A public adjuster does not work for the insurance company and instead works solely for your best interests.
  • Why would I use a public adjuster instead of an attorney?
    Oftentimes an attorney will charge a higher percentage of the indemnity amount than a public adjuster. On top of that, in the state of Florida, the losing party pays the prevailing party's attorney fees in insurance litigation so attorneys are not incentivized to settle your claim/case quickly whereas a public adjuster works on a contingency fee only. In other words, a public adjuster wants you to get paid as quickly as possible and as much as possible. Furthermore, lawyers lack expertise in determining the total scope of property damage and business interruption and negotiating with insurance companies. A public adjuster has specialized skills in these areas. When you retain a lawyer to deal with insurance claims, they will often hire a public adjuster themselves. You can skip the middleman and avoid costly legal fees by going directly to a public adjuster. If your case does need litigation, a public adjuster will let you know and help you find a qualified attorney.
  • What does a public adjuster do that I cannot do myself?
    In theory, you could try to handle an insurance claim by yourself, but we do not recommend it. You are unlikely to have the expertise and experience to accurately assess damages/losses (to the standard the insurers demand) and negotiate with your insurance company. The claims process is very time-consuming, complicated, and stressful unless you specialize in it. Public adjusters take that burden off you. A public adjuster can navigate the complex rules and protocols that insurance companies require without being overwhelmed by red tape and technical jargon. They can tell if the insurance company is low-balling you and fight to make sure you get everything you are owed. You can contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss your insurance claim.
  • Does a public adjuster need to be licensed?
    Yes, public adjusters need to be licensed by the state. A public adjusting license gives them the ability to represent the rights of policyholders in the insurance claim process.
  • How is a public adjuster compensated?
    A public adjuster works on a contingency fee only. A public adjuster takes a small percentage of the payout you receive from the insurance company in exchange for getting you a bigger settlement. Public adjusters rarely demand out-of-pocket expenses or additional fees once a successful claim payment is obtained for you.
  • Can a public adjuster sell me insurance policies?
    No, public adjusters cannot sell insurance policies, since that would be a conflict of interest. A public adjuster's purpose is to make sure you receive the maximum check from the insurance company for your claim.
  • Couldn't I have the contractor who is repairing the damages to my property also settle my insurance claim?
    No, and in fact, this is illegal since claim adjusting must be done by licensed public adjusters. Otherwise, it's considered a conflict of interest. A contractor may be necessary for repairing the damage, but they are not experts in insurance claims adjusting. A contractor who offers to handle your claim threatens to violate the terms of your insurance policy.
  • Can a public adjuster also be hired as a contractor to do repair work?
    No, for the same reasons as above: a public adjuster cannot also perform the repair work, or it's an illegal conflict of interest.
  • Why can't my insurance agent handle the claim for me?
    An insurance agent's job is primarily to sell insurance plans, not to negotiate for your insurance claim. They work for the insurance company, which wants to pay you as little as possible, and so they are unlikely to fight to get your every dollar you deserve. A public adjuster's only purpose is to make sure you get the maximum settlement as quickly as possible.
  • My insurance company already has an adjuster assigned to my claim. Why shouldn't I just use their services instead of hiring a public adjuster?
    The insurance company's adjuster represents the insurer's interests, not yours. They have no responsibility to ensure your estimate for your losses is detailed and complete. That burden lies on you. A public adjuster represents your interests and knows how to document your claim and negotiate for every dollar you're owed.
  • Will hiring a public adjuster anger my insurance company and make them deny my claim or raise my rates?
    Insurance companies routinely work with public adjusters, and it is your right to have a public adjuster represent you. Your insurance company cannot deny your claim or raise your rates because you hired a public adjuster. If your insurer tries to prevent you from hiring a public adjuster, they do not have your best interests at heart, and you can report them to the State Department of Insurance.
  • Can my insurance company cancel my policy if I hire a public adjuster?
    No, your insurance company cannot cancel your policy because you hired a public adjuster. You have a right to be represented by a public adjuster without fearing retaliation from your insurance company. Your insurer canceling your policy because you hired a public adjuster is a violation of state law.
  • How do I know if my insurance company is giving me a fair settlement for my damage claims?
    Without specialized training, experience, and expertise, it's unlikely you can know if you are getting a fair settlement. A public adjuster can accurately and honestly assess losses/damages and navigate the claims process to make sure you get the biggest settlement possible. If you are in South Florida and would like help with your claim, you can request a free consultation with us.
  • Do I have to accept the settlement offered to me by my insurer?
    No, you do not need to accept your insurance company's offer. Even if the insurance company is acting like they have decided how much your claim is worth, a public adjuster can still step in to negotiate for a bigger settlement.
  • I've already started my claim with my insurance company. Is it too late to hire a public adjuster?
    In most cases, you can hire a public adjuster at any stage of the process, but the earlier you hire a public adjuster, the better. The statute of limitations to file a claim in the state of florida is 5 years from the date of loss. If you're still unsure, you can request a free consultation to discuss your options.
  • I already settled a property damage claim with my insurance company and received a check. However, I'm now having more problems caused by the initial damages. Is it too late to hire a public adjuster?"
    You can still hire a public adjuster after accepting a settlement if you find the original amount was not enough or because you have discovered more damage. Two exception to this are: 1) If you signed a release that lets the insurance company off the hook when you accepted your settlement. 2) In Florida, if it's past the 5 year statute of limitations since declaring you loss. Hiring a public adjuster to handle the claims process from the start ensures you do not get stuck with unexpected expenses later that the insurance company should have covered.

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